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Thursday, August 21st, 2014 2:06 PM

S4's stopped sending MMS

Hi, I have two Galaxy S4's. An S4 Active and an S4 mini. Within the past week or so both of them have stopped sending or recieving MMS messages. I know one stopped for sure after an AT&T software update, and I assume the other was the same although I don't recall seeing an update, but I assume it happened around the same time as the other. I have looked at other forums and tried some various tricks but nothing seems to work. Any ideas??? This is extremely frustrating! Thanks.



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9 years ago


Hello. We can assist you; to prevent any repetition, what steps have you tried to resolve this problem. Cleared the cached, Safe Mode, etc?


Samsung Support ^Kov



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9 years ago

Remember, your mobile data needs to be on for MMS messages to come through, or be sent.


Could that be the issue - your mobile data being turned off most of the time?



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9 years ago

Also are you using an app to do it or from the built in feature? I find certain 3rd party apps take over your main OS or they conflict with other apps. Try running a GOOD virus protection software to see what it says. Not sure if I can mention my favorite Sophos virus protection app.

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