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Thursday, January 28th, 2016 6:08 PM

How to fix non wifi baby monitor interference



We have a non wifi baby monitor and it is kept in the same room as the router. We have no way around that. When the monitor is on, our internet speed slows to a crawl. We will be adding a second non wifi baby monitor in the coming weeks. Is there a solution for the router to run on a different frequency?


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8 years ago

@LKQKDAY - You say non- wi-fi. But it is 2.4 frequency - same as some wireless telephones & CB/walky talky. So, it is RF interference.


First thing to try is get the monitor & RG as far apart as possible - at least two meters. Plug them into different power circuits - different breakers.


You could try power strips that clean up the power.


Turn off the wireless in the RG & use wired connection.


See if you can get a 5.6 digital monitor that is "cleaner".


Use a wired monitor instead of RF.

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