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Tuesday, December 27th, 2022 1:25 PM

No service No concern

When we moved to where we live now there were only two options for Internet service

one being AT&T and the other being a company that wanted us to sign a two-year contract that was it

Not wanting to sign a two-year contract with a company we had never heard of we went with AT&T

five days later contractors were outside in the neighborhood laying fiber-optic cable for AT&T all of a sudden my Internet went down

I knew it was because they cut a cable.

In a chat with an AT&T customer service person I was told that if a field tech came out and discovered that it was due to my equipment or wiring in the house

- I would be charged $90

I told them that that was absurd and they needed to send the field tech out or I was going to drop them and go with the other company

I run a small business and at that time I was setting up my business my Internet, website, everything, getting it all ready in our newly rented home

this was not something that I needed at that time

when the field tech came out he said you should work for AT&T because that’s exactly what happened they cut the line.

I had to wait five days for contractors to come back out and lay the line

with the only apology coming from the customer service person that I spoke with

no email from AT&T no follow up no nothing

they don’t care - they didn’t back then and they don’t now

fast forward to December 23, 2022 Internet goes down again

On Saturday and then again on Sunday through a chat we were told that they were 90% done in our area and that we should have Internet by evening

We believed them the first day they said that

we knew better the second day because we had gone on our phones and looked online in other chats and forums

using our cellular data

mine is through spectrum I wish to God I could get spectrum out here for Internet but I can’t I’ve had spectrum for over 15 years when it was other companies as well and I have NEVER  gone through what I have gone through in ONE year with AT&T and their Internet service

But I digress

We found that it wasn’t just our area in North Carolina

it’s other areas across the country

we found through peoples comments that they were being told by their service techs to just go ahead and get another Internet company because it would be faster than getting the Internet turned back on through AT&T

one of them said to their customer that AT&T wasn’t even really looking into it they were just hoping that it would fix itself?!

Now I don’t know how true some of these comments are so I take them with a grain of salt

but I will tell you that last night when I had to refund another customer because I could go through with the order due to this downed service I was nothing short of throat punch mad

Am I going to get reimbursed for the cellular data that I have to use to find out anything about this? No

am I going to get reimbursed for the orders that I have had to cancel? No.

Are any of us going to get reimbursed for the days that we are without this service that we pay for?
I think not

some people are getting offered $10 vouchers

this is what I’ve read on some of the comments elsewhere

I don’t want a $10 voucher

But like many of you I don’t want to be told that the Internet is 90% fixed in my area and should be up by evening

if it’s not gonna be on for 10 days tell me that

if you don’t know when it’s gonna be on tell me that

but for the company itself to run their business the way this one does?
WHO the h-lol is at the top?

it’s despicable

I got on yet another chat last night with customer service through my smart home app and I told the agent that I understood that it wasn’t their fault

and that what I was about to say was not directed at them

but I said I hope that you or someone somewhere can get a message to someone as close to the top of this company as possible

and tell the a-holes that they should really consider making oven mitts instead of being in the Internet and phone and television business

When we move out of here I don’t care if we move into a basement in the middle of Guam I wouldn’t even so much as glance out my car window at an AT&T store at this point ever again in my life

Judging by the comments that I have found online all over the place just in the past weekend this company is facing a mass exodus

not everyone is in my unique position where they cannot simply change to one of four or five other companies

REALLY stupid business ethics

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1 year ago

I contacted T-Mobile this morning they actually have a five gig plan in my area

no contract so if when we move in three months I don’t like it
I don’t have to take it with me

they waived the deposit

and it is actually less than what AT&T charges me per month

The router will already be activated when it arrives here Thursday

I can plug it into any wall

in any room

I don’t need that stupid coaxial cable

and I’ll probably have Internet service up and running sooner than if I would’ve sat here waiting for AT&T to actually DO something about it

and frankly I don’t care if the service is a bit slower

Now- NOW, it’s the principal

I will not continue paying AT&T for anything


ever again

This company’s lack of concern for addressing the issues directly to their customers through some sort of email notification on a daily basis through out the problem at the very least is nothing short of ugly

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