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Wednesday, June 21st, 2023 7:24 PM

Fiber Availabity

Where can I send a petition my neighborhood has signed to have Fiber throughout our whole neighborhood. Part of the neighborhood has it, and the rest of would love to have it. 

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5 months ago

Hi there, @gltlharman28! We're happy to hear about your interest in AT&T Fiber and want to help clear some things up. 


We've got a helpful Forums post that explains why service may not be available just yet. 


There's a lot that goes into servicing an area like permit requests, engineers creating blueprints, adding the lines/other equipment, etc. These things can all contribute to Fiber not being available right away.


We're constantly working to expand our fiber footprint to more households every day. If you’d like to check if service is available to you now or to sign up for a notification if it does become available in the future, please visit

We'll send you a notification via your preferred method as soon as AT&T Fiber becomes available to you. 

You can also fill out our address research request form. This will provide us with the information that's needed in order to check for the availability of service in your area. 


Our teams do not have information about if or when services will be available. We wish we did. The only thing we can do is what is mentioned above like checking your address, requesting a check, or request to be notified.


Please feel free to reach back out if you need help in the future. Thank you for contacting the AT&T Community Forums!


Lacey, AT&T Community Specialist 

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5 months ago

What does the rest of neighborhood have for service?

Is the part that has fiber new construction phase?

From planning to activation can be 18 to 24 months meaning anyone who will have fiber service by Jan 2024 is already in process. Current 5 year 2nd addition fiber build out is scheduled to end December 2025. 

ATT past performance of $2 billion per month in both 2022?and 2023 is adding 3 million addresses per year or 250,00 every month or about 10,000 addresses each day Monday to Saturday within 21 state footprint. 

There is about 38 million addresses waiting within hardwired Uverse footprint about 1 in 5 or 20% of remaking addresses will have fiber within next 30 months.

Phase 1 2016 to end 2020 was 15 million+ addresses (25% of footprint)

Phase 2 2021 to end 2025 adds another 15 million for 30+ million (50% of footprint)

Phase 3, hopefully, will be 2026 to end 2030 adds another 15 million for 45 million total or 75% of footprint. 
Even then by 2031 will be 15 million without direct fiber connection.

Wait and see, choose a different ISP or relocate to desired service all the options.

Just my thoughts…

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5 months ago

Is at&t replicating fiber in U-Verse areas? I have 25Mb legacy U-Verse service and Fiber is around my area but not my street.

Also, why is their fiber service in pocks? A part of one neighborhood will have it and then an entirely other neighborhood near by will have some of it. both both are incomplete. What's their methodology of building out their fiber network?

The attachment below for an example of what I'm talking about. The green dots indicate areas services by at&t Fiber.

Community Support


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5 months ago

Hi, @kramsde, we would be happy to shed some light on your fiber availability.


@my thoughts, thank you for the additional information.


Here are some reasons why fiber may not be available in your area:

  1. Distance – AT&T Internet is a distance-dependent service. If you are too far away from the equipment, certain services may not be available. This means your neighbor may have service but your home cannot.  
  2. Equipment is not available – To get service, AT&T Internet equipment has to be in the area. In some instances, it isn't. We do not have information if or when it will be.
  3. The area is not built for U-verse – some areas are not U-verse ready. The Community team does not have information if or when it will be. Distance and equipment can play a key in instances like this.
  4. Another competitor services there area - This happens from time to time but it does not mean all services are not available to you. Check out other internet options below!

Note: In order to get higher speeds, you must be within a certain distance of the serving equipment or the equipment must be present in the area. Points 1 and 2 apply in these scenarios. If internet is not available, there are other options.


As stated above by Lacey, if you believe it should be available in your area, but it doesn't show up when you try to order service, you can fill out an address research request. Just fill out the form, and we'll look into it and get back to you! 


Finally, we recommend signing up for fiber notifications. When fiber is available in your area, we'll let you know

Please try these resources and let us know if they help.


Daniel, AT&T Community Specialist

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