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Lost USPS tracking number

In July I had to return my defective cell phone. I actually got 3 packages before I got the right device. I sent all 3 boxes back and received conformation by email August 5,2015 the defective device had been received. I've gotten another email saying I hadn't sent my defective device back. I've mis





Full 5g signal, full Wi-Fi, no data, no GPS, no bs phone

So maybe somebody here can just pitch in something since I can't get AT&t to help me even though I'm fully covered with a warranty on this phone, have taken it not only to AT&t 18 times had four different SIM cards installed now I want an ease him, they had me take it to Samsung who hooked u




Cant Receive Android Updates

I'm a second hand owner of an ATT Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra in a third world country. My phone is still connected to your server (ATT Logo when it boots up) and because of this the functionality is extremely limited. I'm unable to receive Android updates and I'm stuck at Android 11. Is there any