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Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Data & Messaging Features, Internet Tethering

Tips for how you can take your internet on the go, with Wi-Fi hot spots & more.


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email to text not working

We have systems that send and email translated into SMS text to several of our phones. It has stopped working. We are wondering how to check if AT&T is blocking it. We know how to check our individual blocked numbers.





Carrier Filtering

I am sending a test from our Saas solution that sends review requests on behalf of our clients. My phone number seems to be blocking them no matter what I try, even though I and several consumers want to receive these from my clients.  How does a consumer unblock the number so they can receive





Email to text not working

I have a website that sends an email to text my phone number at the AT&T SMS gateway The email is sent as This was working fine until just recently. Now the email fails, with part of the returned error message having Action: Failed and Status: 4.2.0. I'm g





Issues with SMS Text Messages for 2-Factor Authentications

I am not getting SMS messages from two banking institutions. Just recently switched over to AT&T. For one I account I don't receive the two factor authentication code text message when requested. However, when I went into my banking institutions website and deleted my number and re added it, I g