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AT&T Internet Equipment

AT&T Internet Equipment

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How do i configure a port (USB or ethernet) of my AT&T Uverse router for separate guest network access only

Hello - I need to provide a wired (Ethernet or USB) to a guest that will be joining home but do not wish to share access to home network. Is there a way to configure AT&T Uverse router (model 5268AC) for a port use the guest network? It seems you can configure guest for WiFI but not for wired? A





Ongoing Service Outage in MI, OH, IN, IL etc

From what I have been reading on this forum, there are many AT&T customers without service (internet, phone, tv) for the past 5-6 days. Personally, I understand that there are situations beyond a company's control, and I would like to believe that a company is doing the best they can to resolve




Constantly loosing internet connection...

We have Spectrum and decided to give AT&T another try because they were cheaper. Spectrum has been rock solid for us for many years. Zero issues. Never down. We don't use or like  Wifi. We always disable it and use ethernet cables to connect to two smart TV's and a  laptop computer. W