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AT&T Fiber Ordering

AT&T Fiber Ordering

Learn how to order Internet with AT&T Fiber.


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Spectrum or AT&T for internet?

If moving in from out of state to a new apartment, and the building is served by both Spectrum and AT&T Fiber for internet, which provider should you choose for internet-only service if price is not the only consideration and you do not care about TV, mobile, or phone services?





Reward and Bill PROBLEM!!!!

I suppose to get $150 gift card. Since I register AT&T Fiber, I can get $100 and use promo code for extra $50. But, 3-4 days ago, I got redeem email for my gift card. There was ONLY $50. What happen? Also, I order my AT&T Fiber about 3 weeks ago. But, I still cannot connect my internet. I ma





Retiree needs help validating address

I bought new construction home in Katy TX in a sub-division that the builder confirms is AT&T Fiber ready. My street does not show on the maps yet. (I think the planners decided to change the street name in that section). The thing is I can validate on the website the home 3 houses down from me,





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I changed my internet plan online and the system sent me an extra gateway?

A few days ago, I changed my fiber plan from 500 to 300. I was using the ATT app. When I was placing the order to change the plan it did not mention anything about an installation and if it did, I would have not clicked on that. The next day I check my order because I find it strange that the plan d