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What do these lights mean on the NVG599 Wi-Fi gateway?

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Accepted Solution

I bought the gateway when I had AT&T internet service, why am I asked to return the equipment when I cancel the service?

I bought an AT&T gateway and paid for it in full because I did not want to pay $10/month equipment fee. Now I decide to change my internet provider. AT&T is asking me to return the gateway that I paid for. Do I need to return it? Why can't AT&T see the record?





Accepted Solution

ASUS ZenWifi ET12 with ATT Fiber upgrade not going well

I'm trying to improve my internet speed and reach by upgrading my router with the ASUS Wireless ZenWifi ET12 Mesh system. I currently have ATT Fiber with a 2 GIG connection but I'm mostly in the 150-250 Mbps range.  I have done the following and have got an internet connection but the speeds a





Accepted Solution

Need to connect SolarEdge LCD inverter to Gateway

SolarEdge has given instructions for me to open two ports on our gateway router and to whitelist two IP addresses to their destination servers. I need instruction on how to open these ports and add these two sites in order for the solar panel inverter to access our internet and be able to transmit d





Accepted Solution

Cascade routing mode?

Hello everyone. Hoping anyone can help. I have seen posts in regards to Cascade mode, but figured, given all the networking variables, I would post mine here to get some thoughts\advice. I have read some documentation on Cascade mode vs IP-Passthrough and honestly the documentation seems dated and





Accepted Solution

Google Nest Wifi Pro stopped working with the AT&T BGW Modem/Router

Passthrough is set up on the BGW DNS entries are blank so can't add the recommended everywhere I have this problem every couple of months. The Google nest pros stop working with a pulsating yellow light. I used to reset the entire network, reinstall and it would start working again. But toda





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