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Accepted Solution

Replaced Router/Gateway in passthrough, now different traceroute behavior?

I have a pfSense firewall setup behind my gateway which is in passthrough. This week while troubleshooting something else I did a traceroute from within pfSense and observed the first hop was on the same public subnet as my public ip address (for example, if my public IP was, the first





Accepted Solution

BGW320-505 Modem-Does It have its Router capability to do port forwarding and port Triggering?

I just got Fiber installed and was looking in the modem. I don't seem to find any real router functions in there. My question is on the BGW320-505 Modem-Does It have its Router capability to do port forwarding and port Triggering?





Accepted Solution

Slow speeds after Passthrough turned on

Yesterday I installed a new UniFi gateway. I followed the steps I found here and it is all working properly except for the download speeds are very slow compared to before I installed the gateway. Prior to the new gateway, I was running typically around 930 Mbps, now I'm averaging around 275 Mbps. U





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