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Wednesday, April 19th, 2023 9:47 PM

why does it takes for ever to start receiving trade in Credit

ATT received my trade in Device on Nov 7th 2022 but I have still not receiving trade-in credit

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5 months ago

Credits start within 3 bill cycles of when they receive the phone. Something has obviously gone wrong, you need to call to find out.

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4 months ago

I feel your pain.  I have been going back and forth with AT&T also.  My first call I got the 1-3 billing cycles, which is fine.  Then after the 4th billing cycle I talked to them and they put in a ticket and said I would hear back in 48-72 hours.  A week later no reply.  I talked to them again and they said the previous ticket was closed due to insufficient information.  They submitted another ticket.  I did receive a phone call and they were asking for an invoice number.  Then a big back and forth on what numbers they needed and speaking with a manager who asked for “Confirmation #”, which is not found anywhere.  They basically said they can’t do anything without the confirmation #.  I will be talking to the Better Business Bureau, the Attorney General and possibly the FCC as this is a deceptive business practice unless AT&T will hold up their end of the agreement and give me the credit I am due.


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