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Tuesday, May 23rd, 2023 9:56 AM

We transferred two s22 ultras over from Verizon and upgraded to s23 ultra

The promise from the agent was the old devices would pay all but 100 or so of the new devices on each phone but this has not been the case. I have this conversation recorded and am getting very irritated with att. I've called about this more than once and want it fixed 

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6 months ago

I'm assuming you did not read the trade-in deal? 

When did you switch service providers?  The original switch credits on that device may have been up to $1,000. Whether or not that covers 'all but $100' of the cost depends on the cost of your new phone. 

Bill credits against your new phone purchase take approximately 3 months from the time your trade-in was completed. Did you turn in your phones at a corporate store or did you mail them?  In either case you should have some kind of record. A store would provide a paper receipt indicating what phone was traded in. If you mailed your phone a counter receipt with tracking number should have been collected at the post office when you mailed your phone with the prepaid mailing label.

  Were your previous phones completely paid off?  AT&T does not compensate you for anything you may have owed Verizon on your phones or service.  At this time I believe they have a modest switch credit of a couple hundred dollars which may be applied monthly or lump sum.

The trade-in deal provides bill credits against your purchase when you trade in your old phones within 30 days and are on a qualifying unlimited data plan with a base price of $75 or more. The unlimited starter plan qualifies.  

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