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Need help understanding your bill?
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Thursday, September 28th, 2023 11:38 PM

Trade in Extension

We need an extension to the trade in for our old phones for example ( I had an iPhone 10 old phone we switch over to AT&T  for the trade in promotion to get an iPhone 14) the new service and phone are here and we use them but our old phones never got sent back out. Unfortunately we had a death in the family and things got chaotic and we missed the deadline by a couple days (4 days), we are now being told we’re responsible for the full amount on the new phones. We’ve called support and nothing has been done except us being told our bill is going to be way larger than what was agreed on when we signed our contract. All we need to do is send the phones back and get the trade in value that was agreed upon. 

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2 months ago

You broke the agreement when you didn't return the phones in time. You can call AT&T and ask but good luck.

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2 months ago

You're part of the agreement was to return your previous phones within the 30-day window. And you didn't.  There is no exception for life events like an unfortunate death in the family. This is a business arrangement between AT&T (and all of the other service providers) and a third party business, Assurant Mobile in Tennessee.

There is no extension If you went past 30 days.

Sell your old phones on swappa.  You'll get a lump sum up front instead. An iPhone X wasn't worth very much toward the iPhone 14 anyway. I think it dropped to $350 which would have been paid out as $9 in change every month for 36 months.

Use the cash you get from selling your phones and pay off one or two of your existing installments. That will reduce your bill

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