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Need help understanding your bill?
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Friday, March 24th, 2023 7:20 PM

To Much Money

I am paying over the amount $1,321.40 for Five iPhone and Two apple watches and now i being told that after paying all the amount of money, you guys want me to repay $869.37 after looking at my app it's saying that i need to $452.03 or our phones will be shut off and that is really making me mad because it's like money on top of money and over paying on top of over paying. So now i need to see why i got to go thru all that.

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8 months ago

You need to pull up the last several months of bills and see what's going on. 

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8 months ago

It is truly amazing to me how many people seemingly don’t know how to read their bill.

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8 months ago

5 iPhones cost at least $800, 2 watches at least $300.  

Nowhere in your post does it say what your  bill includes. Does that mean you have not read your bill and don't know why your bill is high?

Based on this:

looking at my app it's saying that i need to $452.03 or our phones will be shut off

This looks like you have not paid your bill in 2 months, and AT&T has now asked you to pay off all of your phones and bring service charges current in order to continue service.


Can they do that? 


AT&T has the right to ask for you to pay for all of your equipment as well as service charges if you have not been paying your bill on time every single month. They extended credit to you with the agreement that you would pay every month.  If you have not been keeping your bill current, they accelerate the payments in anticipation of cancellation. 

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