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Friday, September 29th, 2023 8:12 AM

Payment not showing

I had a past due amount 235 and change, and my phone is due to be shut off today. I just paid 236 on my debit card. My account is still saying that I owe the past due amount of 235. How long will this take to post? Will my phone be shut off in the mean time? I have had att for 23 years and it has never not immediately posted a debit card payment.

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2 months ago

Debit card payments for phone bills typically post within minutes to a few hours, but it can vary based on your service provider and their payment processing system.

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2 months ago

Hello @Kayleighmort, thank you for contacting AT&T Community Forums.


We're here for you, we completely understand your situation. We at AT&T want the best for our customers. Please meet us in a DM and let's get this sorted for you. We have already initiated a DM for you.


We look forward to speaking with you!

Thank you for reaching out to our AT&T Community.

-Sia, AT&T Community Specialist.


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