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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 6:17 PM

Overcharged for over $2500 for just 2 DAYS

AT&T charged me for $1250 per day without any notice of me traveling internationally. I took off my SIM card from my phone once I landed in the country of Taiwan. I replaced my SIM Card with a Taiwanese local number. But however, the AT&T representative was falsely saying they detected of I used the international roaming data. AT&T wrongly and overcharged me for $2500 for just “2DAYS”. This is outrageous. I’m not going to paid for the international roaming data that I didn’t use. And AT&T is about to lose a loyal customer. My number is end at 8337. First Initial Y last F.

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4 months ago

How did AT&T know you were in Taiwan if you weren't using AT&T service? It would be a huge coincidence if AT&T said you used international roaming the exact same days you were overseas if you didn't have an AT&T SIM card in at all. 

The most likely explanation is that you had the AT&T SIM in use for longer than you recall. You can file a BBB complaint which will get escalated to the Office of the President. They have more authority and might be willing to relieve some of the charges. 

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