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Need help understanding your bill?
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Thu, Sep 29, 2022 7:49 AM

My phone bill is $100 more than I was told

So a couple weeks ago I was sitting on my porch on my phone and an ATT loyalty employee walked by. He had just finished up with the neighbor. He started making conversation about my phone, what service I was using (T-Mobile) and then told me if I switched over to ATT he could get me the new iPhone, with a lower bill than I was. The original quote he gave me was $48 with a regular iPhone 14, but I asked what it would be if I got the 14 Max, and we ended up at $65, which I thought was a good deal. Brand new phone, no payment plan, and paying slightly less than I was already paying.

I explained that I had already paid my phone off and I didn't want another installment plan, and he said as long as I traded the iPhone 11 in I wouldn't have to pay anything for the 14. Then I spent about 45 minutes asking questions, making sure there weren't going to be any hidden fees, whether or not taxes would turn the $65 into something higher, etc. The usual tricks phone companies are famous for. He assured me over and over that the $65 he was quoting was including tax, and there were no extra fees or anything. I even asked about the "unlimited data" plan, and told him T-Mobile has unlimited data, but they throttle it after 50gb has been used. He told me that it would be the same on ATT. On top of all that he called his supervisor on speaker phone and she confirmed the same thing.

Got my first bill today. $206. That includes the one-time service activation fee. But moving forward it says my bill will be $171, which is $100 more than I was paying on T-Mobile. There's a $40 payment over 36 months for the phone, and a ton of different fees tacked on to it. But even the base price of the bill without all of that is $75, still more than I was quoted.

I plan to call/chat with an ATT rep tomorrow to see if I can get this all corrected, but I'm curious whether that will even matter, or if I should just abandon ship? Has anybody else deal with this?

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2 months ago

Always best to handle through people who helped you directly first. If you go to the store they may be able to assist with getting your issue resolved but it’s unlikely that you’ll get off the installment plan they put you on. No phone company will give you a “free phone” without putting you on a payment agreement— even if the company has to credit said installment every month when you trade in a qualifying phone to get one for free. 

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2 months ago

First of all these door to door salesman are a third party Representatives.  They don't have a very good reputation for accurately pricing AT&T plans. As a home internet customer you are eligible for a 25% discount on wireless service when you switch to AT&T Wireless. But that 25% is based on real prices which are published at

Please notice the orange slider bar defaults to a price per line for four lines. If you do not have four lines you need to move the bar to a single line if you are only purchasing one phone line.

AT&T passes through taxes from local state and federal. Those will always be added on to your bill. 

The current phone deal is a trade-in deal which will get you credits against the new phone which may take approximately 3 months to start if you traded in your old phone. 

In addition to the 25% off as an Internet customer, you must sign up for autopay and paperless billing for a stackable $10 per phone line credit. 

The top of the line premium plan is $85 with the auto pay and paperless $10 discount and discounted 25% and additional $21.25 making the ending cost $63.75 before taxes. 

The unlimited extra plan is $75 with the auto pay and paperless billing $10 discount. The additional 25% for being a internet customer reduces it another $18.75 to $56.25 a month before taxes. 

Depending on what phone you traded in, the credits may be $800 over 36 months or $1,000 over 36 months. If it was a phone older than the iPhone 11 the credit may be even less.  Those amounts may not cover the actual installments every month for an iPhone 14 pro Max.   

You should have been provided with paperwork telling you the book value of the phone you traded in. You can also go to and look up the phone you purchased, and then expand all the arrows to see the value of your trade in.


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