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Tuesday, April 4th, 2017 8:44 PM

Military Deployment in Middle East - Best plan?

Can anyone share which AT&T wireless cell phone plan is the most cost-effective for a U.S. service member being deployed to Bahrain for several months?  Need ability to call home and send text messages. 

Thanks so much!

ACE - Sage


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7 years ago

Use the option to cancel your service and unlock your current phone.  Use local SIM cards in Bahrain.



ACE - Expert


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7 years ago

With a local SIM card, your calls and texts back to the US may cost extra and anyone from the US calling you will pay international long distance. Another option if you have a wifi calling capable phone and access to wifi, is just keep your service active. You can call and text via wifi calling with no additional roaming charges.

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