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Tuesday, September 27th, 2022 9:16 PM

Lost warranty return phones

This is a very very long story. I traded in an old galaxy for the S22 in April 2022. I didn't activate the phone until may and in June I started having a lot of problems with it.

I call ATT and they did a warranty exchange for me. I received the new phone in a box with a paper inside that had the tracking number on it and I had to tear off the bottom portion with the barcode and send it back with the "broken" phone. There was also a label provided by ATT and the box was a 2 use box so I was to send the phone back in that.

I did everything I was supposed to do. A few weeks later I receive a box from ATT in the mail. I open it and there us a weird random phone in the box that looked like it had been run over. There was a letter saying my warranty was denied because there was physical damage to the phone. Oh and now I was responsible for $850!

1 there was no damage at all to my old phone, it was all internal problems and 2 the phone they sent me back isn't even the correct phone! I have no idea where it came from.

So I call right away and had to repeatly tell the lady that it wasn't my phone before she understood what was going on. She opened an investigation. She assured me I would not have to pay for this phone because they don't know what happened and the phone that was sent back isn't mine and not what I sent back. She assured me multiple multiple times!

She called me the next day along with someone else and said they opened an investigation with their internal investigation team and I would hear from them in 48 hours.

I never heard from anyone. I call and am told everything's good and I'm not responsible.

In the mean time I had to do another warranty exchange because the phone had networking issues. 

My wife gets an email and text saying we owe $850 dollars and if we don't pay we will lose our service. So I call again and this person I talked to told me no no everything is ok. There was a payment plan worked out within ATT and they will take care of the $850 and it will be off my account in 2-3 billing cycles and she garenteed me I wouldn't lose service. So i said ok. Now what do I do with this random phone. She said send it back. Send it back in the box I am sending my 2nd warranty exchange phone in. 

I took pictures of everything while doing all this so there was proof of having the phone and sending it in.

In this box I wrapped the bottom of that paper they send with the bar code on it around the galaxy phone and put the phone in the plastic bubble pack. I wrapped the random phone up separately and put a note with it with who said to send this back and the RMA number and any info to let them know what was going on. That weird phone was on the bottom and the galaxy on top with another little note.

I get a package in the mail with the weird phone again and another letter saying my warranty was denied because I sent in a non ATT phone. That weird phone isn't an ATT phone. Where's the galaxy I sent back!? How did they scan the little slip without holding the galaxy in their hand to get the paper off it??

I call and they say I was told wrong, I shouldn't have put that weird phone in the box and that the warranty people just go by whatever phone they touch first. WHAT!??

And I was lied to about the first warranty! Nothing is good, nothing is fixed! The case was closed because of lack of information they said. 

I get a supervisor and he opens up another investigation and said they didn't have the tracking number for the first one that's why it was closed.

I give him the tracking number and he says it's invalid. It is ATT's tracking number!! 

There has been 4 investigations as of right now. Last week someone opened a high priority case because there's $1700 on my bill and this has been going on since June! 

They said I would hear from someone by the 23rd because that's when the case had to be done by. This was the 20th. I called the 21st to see what was going on and why no one had called. The guy told me he couldn't do anything until the investigation was over and to give it 2 more days and he promises I will be called. Today is the 27th and I have not heard from anyone!!!

Oh and the one supervisor I talked to said he would put the $850 charges on an extention while one of the investigations was going on. He actually put it on as a payment plan. I never agreed to a payment plan.

There is a lot more stuff then this, but I was trying to keep this as brief as possible. 

I need to speak to a manager! Someone high up because I have been blatantly lied to since the beginning of this in June. 

My wife and I have been loyal customers for almost 15 years, we have 4 other family members on our plan, we pay our bill on time and in full we have never been late with a payment and we buy all our phones at ATT and this is how we are treated?

I was told it's not that they don't believe me that I sent the phones in, it's just that there's no proof. We'll there's no proof saying you didn't receive them! And now 2 of my phones have gone missing? 

I wanted to do the warranty exchanges in person but was told I had to do it thru the mail. I am highly upset about this and will be canceling my service and filing a complaint with BBB and FCC and also seeking legal action for extreme emotional distress if this is not fixed and if i do not get som kind of apology and given something for what they have put me thru. I have health issues and all this is making me sick. It's messing with my mental health.

By the way, I have about 25 pieces of paper with the names of every single person I have spoke to and every single thing they have said and told me.

And calls are recorded, why can't they go back and listen to the calls and see what these people told me!

Regardless, I sent in both my warranty phones, S22 Galaxy's and idk where thus weird random phone came from or how it got attached to my account!

I'm tired of calling ATT and just getting customer service reps who tell me something different every time. I need a manager!

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1 year ago

Just file a Better Business Bureau complaint online. The complaint is forwarded to AT&T upper management who will call you. 

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1 year ago

Same thing happened to me last week. Did it ever get resolved, if so how?

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