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Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 3:29 PM

Iphone 6 return nightmare!

Sept 12 2014, Iphone 6 launched and decided to order 2 of them and enroll in the ATT NEXT program to keep my current plan intact and not get involved in any contract. I order 1 Iphone6 64GB for myself and 1 Iphone 6 16GB for my wife both with ATT Next program. Few hours later my wife changed her mind and wanted a 64GB as well. So I went back to the website and somehow I ended up paying $649.99 in full to start a new ATT Next contract with the new Iphone 6- 64GB one.


At this point I have:

1 x Iphone 6 -64gb w ATT NEXt for myself

1 x Iphone 6 -16gb paid in full

1 x Iphone 6 -64gb w ATT Next for my wife.


Week or so later received all the phones.


Called ATT to return the 16GB Iphone and they keep saying use the shipping label in the box which there wasn't. Being under a premier account just made things more confusing. I decided to go to the local store and try to resolve this issue. Spent 3hrs in the store and didnt get anything resolved. Store rep said item has to be returned online and they provided a number to call. Instead the rep noticed that the wrong phone MEID was on file. He spent about 1hr trying to do a refund and charge to update this info on one of the Iphone 6 -64gb.


OCT 9 2014: Called the Premier ATT number and they provided me with a shipping label. Item was shipped back ASAP and it was received by ATT. Couple weeks later spoke with a premier rep again and lady said that refund will be issued after 2 billing cycles. She did not speficied how the refund would be issued. I could not clearly understand this lady, she keep saying it will show in my bank.


JAN 13 2015: Over 2 billing cycles later. I called ATT Premier, patiently explained the entire situation and that item was returned etc etc. Rep spent some time tracking down the item, when item was found item was returned and said that there will be no refund since there was no charge?!?! I paid for the phone that's why it was shipped, can't they see i have 3 phones and 2 phone lines? All she was able to do was open a new ticket to escalate this issue. 


Please resolve this issue and give me my refund you already received the phone 3months ago.



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9 years ago



Today ATT left me a voice message regarding the case and told me to call back. Called the number in the voicemail and when premier support rep pulled up the case number, he said the was closed because this was a ATT Next Installment plan. I patiently explain all over how I ended up paying the 16gb Iphone installment plan in order to start the new Next plan with the 64gb phone. Rep re-opened the case and updated the notes, since he didn’t have access to dig any further into this case.


After being transferred into premier order support, connection dropped or something and I had to provide all the information again. 30mins into explaining the situation this second rep wasn’t able to help either. This time I was transferred to a manager in the premier resolution team. The manager was able to dig up all the transactions and finally able to see the charges. The manager wasn’t able to issue any refund, but she updated all necessary information required to locate the charged and be up to speed with my current situation. I had to be transfered one more time to billing department since they are the only ones who can issue refunds.


55mins later got transferred a third time and this time connection dropped. Called the new number provided by previous rep. Billing rep assisted me, analyzed situation and issue a new ticket with refund request etc...  I am hoping this is a happy ending for me but too soon to tell. Need to wait another week..


Lessons learned:

- It will take time to get case resolved, took me about 3months when it wasn't really necessary. If I had made this call last month I should have received my money. You will always speak to a different rep.

- Have all your proof in paper in front of you, payment date, shipping date, photo of phone returned serial, receipts, etc

- Record all the phone number you call because there are so many different number

- Keep track of the department or tem is usefull and name if rep if possible but not really useful.

- Have the rep update the "case number" with accurate information and updates before hanging up.

- Speak clearly, there were couple rep that failed to understand the situation.

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