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Monday, March 22nd, 2021 5:52 PM

How can I get billing to stop after discontinuing service?

I am out of contract. I own my phones.  I've ported my numbers to another carrier.  There is no where I can find a path to tell AT&T to stop billing me for service that I am not using.  I tried the telephone number but it directs me to dial 611 on my cell phone but when I do that it takes me to my new service provider.  I tried the chat  avenue and could never get a live person on the line.  Is there anyway to actually speak to a service rep at AT&T to help me with this?  I've even tried going through call trees for adding service, etc., but only get tossed around and ended up talking to a customer service rep at my new service provider.  I guess my last resort is to go into an AT&T store where there are actually humans.

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3 years ago

Porting your number cancels that line on ATT. Unless you have other lines on your account, there is nothing more to cancel. Your final month of service is not prorated. You are billed for the full month whether you use it or not, perhaps that explains the bill. If that doesn’t explain it and you do have other lines to cancel, you must call to cancel. Call the 800 number, not 611. 

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3 years ago

What sandblaster wrote is universal for postpaid service.  👆

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