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Thursday, June 21st, 2018 9:14 PM

Fraudualent account opened by ATT agent and ATT doesnt resolve the issue for 8 months

ATT sales consultant K. S. (hereinafter i will not write the names but just initials of ATT personnel in order not to provide their private info) from the Att store # 121409  took my ssn and driving license to open new att account for me. Im still using the account that he opened for me. However, as I later understood (because of additional bill mailed to me), more than one account was opened on my name by him. That day when he opened account (12/26/2017) he told me that there were connection or system issues so he told me that he needs to fill out forms again. overall he has filled applications to open the account on my name for 5 or 6 times. So far i have received bills just from one fraudulent account because it has my home address as billing address, but i remember he has put different addresses in accounts that day and put my name every time

slightly changing letters as he explained that its needed as system doesnt allow him to do it correctly. In January i have contacted the same att store and i was told by store manager P.M. of Store 121409  and sales consultant K. S. that it was a mistake and they will fix it. But nothing resolved so far during the last 8 months. I have tried dozens of times to contact att help center over live chat (copies of conversations are available) and fraud department over the phone. Besides the fact that i was waiting for more than an hour waiting for the response over the phone  for many times (i have screenshots showing the time and phone number of att), everytime i was speaking with the new agent trying to explain the awful situation i was put by another att agent. Every time i was promised that it is the last time and my issue will be resolved as soon as possible and i need just to wait (thats actually the reasong why im writing here after so many months - because every time i was asked to wait for couple weeks and promised that it will be resolved) but nothing has changed. They want to make me liable for the amount of 5454.92$ for the account that i have never given permission to open (I even have never signed forms because for some reason Kevin - sales rep signed all forms instead of me)! It is an awful experience that irritates me for the last 8 months and att personnal responsible for that doesnt take enough actions to resolve this issue!

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5 years ago

File a BBB complaint 

File a police complaint, this is identity theft.  


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