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Thursday, June 16th, 2022 11:55 AM


ATT access as well as editing and placing insulting names on my email changed my bill name, stopped calls to my mom and dad

I have reported numerous times to more than1 retail store as well as office of the president. I have had numerous features that continue to be added to my account without permission, random access to add unapproved and random features without warrant, priorty note was added with incorrect dates, as a flipped credit charge, then later removed, upgrading checking at random without approval. my [email scrubbed] email was taken, locked, when its actually on my account with my number. Likely because of unauthorized access and where someone insulted me and changed my email placed inappropriate words on my email in another section under account summary then sync, there is another iphone number there that is mine from another account that someone synced as a watch to cause issues. 

1)unauthorized access

2)continuous adding of features - 10 plus visits and likely 50 plus calls for this and other issues.

3) tracking features added and others noted on #2, excessive text spam coming from att.

4)my billing name changed and modified, at least 1 charge was manipulated, another 1 of my emails takenc 

5)insults customer name calling of edit of my email, disruption of services, charges, account lock outs and numerous other issues.

6)under account profile, under sync. I don't have an apple watch

7) the next page page states that the client has been edited, scrumb and done. web address seems to have come from SBC.

8) blocking calls to my mom and dad, for at least a month, especially while my mom was in the hospital with heart surgery pace maker, and still cannot call her, my calls to my wife and kids were also cut off for a while and finally just got that back

9)Poor service in stores, most not willing to make a call or email a supervisor as well as office of the president, not even sure if its att, an andriod forum poped it a couple of times. Office of the president referred me to legal, couldn't explain what they looked at, what they did, one person would not look at bill, and did not, and not even willing to open the tech ticket under my correct phone number. 

10) ATT and your current employees haven't even offered a reason to why, given a reason or fixed and continues criminal activity, retailatilation possible from FCC call after i went out of my way to try and get help.

What has this company become after repeated behavior like this is allowed, no sense of urgency, and not addressed. This is still continuing after months which ATT is responsible for this behavior and actions they take or choose not to. My policy states you are responsible for my damages, time, travel, expenses, and equipment. A written policy doesn't give att a right to criminal conduct, customer fraud, retailatilation, and violations of federal law. Even without my disabilites this is beyond disappointing to see ATT behave this way. My Apple ID is still locked likely from this, and believe I am on my 10th laptop in the last few months. I have had to keep 2 phones since I am trying to hold onto my family photos that either this issues or apple ID is trying to delete.  ATT has no respect for its customers or investors this goes far beyond just making a simple mistake, this is malicious, criminal and harmful. 

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2 years ago

I would also like to know if you have or need leadership to help, why are the customers having to do all the work when you have access to your system but cannot fix it. It would be nice to have an official employee response, it may help and reduce fraudulent or questionable sites, and apps if ATT took some owner ship to fix issues and identified themselves. 

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2 years ago

If you have already interacted with the Office of the President, you've already worked with the highest support escalation available.  There's nothing anyone here can do for you if they didn't fix you up.

Good luck.

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