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Tuesday, January 26th, 2021 5:32 PM

are there AT&T employees posing as consumers on this forum?

I post an excruciating situation that I experienced with AT&T.

immediately someone comments. I'm new to this ( actually my anger and frustration brought me to write my first post today). So, Lizard Lips writes derogatory statements towards me. Have I not endured enough? No! Miserable ppl need company.Sorry Lizard Face, you're on your own. You ask about proof... Honey ,  EVEYTHING is documented; via bank stmnts.,bills, e-mails, and screenshots.

You assumed incorrectly: however, I'm going to assume that notes are taken (on their system, I mean y'all's system) where an employee #/passcode is used. that would be the final truth.

now go back to your cushy office @ AT&T headquarters and leave us common folk to discuss matters amongst ourselves; Give us the privacy of at least expressing our experiences W/O corporate meddling . Lizard lips has twice as many posts as the AT&T help center.

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3 years ago

99.9% of those posting are customers just like you.  These forums are what is referred to as "customer-to-customer".

Any employees that are posting are doing so on their own time, do not represent the company and have disclaimers in their signature.  

On rare occassions you'll see a post from @ATTHelp but those are few and far between.

There ARE moderators to keep an eye on inappropriate comments.  Flaming another poster is considered inappropriate.

Edit:  Did you delete your first post?


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3 years ago

Also, any employee posting here is identified as an employee. There is no employee “posing” as you put it. The particular person you seem to have an issue with is not only not an employee, they aren’t even an ATT customer anymore.

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3 years ago

as @skeeterintexas stated all employees posting are tagged as such and we are in here  on our own time off the clock and do not represent at&t in any official capacity.

i dont see your other post so i cant comment on what transpired.

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