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Need help understanding your bill?
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Monday, June 5th, 2023 4:30 AM

Account Billing

Hi Team,

I became a member of AT and T Family since Feb 2023 and since then I am struggling to understand my Bill Details.

I see a lot of charges which don't make sense to me such as At and T next up addon of $6 each month.

I moved 5 lines from T mobile to AT and T on a Standard plan with a monthly charge of $30/month but I have been charged $60/month for the first month. Can somebody give a detailed explanation on my charges.

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4 months ago

First, you're an AT&T customer. It's nice that you feel like it's a family, but unlike family, AT&T's only goal is to make money from you. 

AT&T Next Up is a program which allows you to upgrade to a new phone after the current one is 50% paid off with no additional costs. If you're someone who always want to have the best phone, it's not a bad deal, but if you have a promotion or plan to keep your phone until it's paid off, you can go online and remove it. It shouldn't have been added without your permission, but unfortunately it often is. 

There's no standard plan. The Starter plan is $35/line/month before taxes and fees. If you qualify for military, educator, emergency worker, or doctor/nurse discounts it could be lower.

We can only give you details on all charges if  you post your bill. If you block out personal info and do so, we'll be happy to explain further.

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