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Friday, September 29th, 2023 12:21 PM

36 month scam bill credit for $1000 trade in

So….. I trade in my phone 2 years ago for $1000 bill credits for 36 months. I upgrade every 2 years because 1 year is too early and 3 years is too long. I don’t mind paying what is left of the phone balance in order to upgrade but I should not lose my remaining bill credits for the next 11 months. That should be applied to my remaining phone balance. I’ve earned and should be guaranteed the full amount of my trade in not just have it disappear into thin air thus ATT profiting another $333 on top of my $577 remaining balance for the phone just so I can trade in this one for $1000 bill credits and lose that remainder when I upgrade in 2 years. What a sham and a scam. So I really got $667 for my phone not $1000. And my next phone will be the same. This is morally corrupt and needs fixed. I’ve been with ATT a long time but now need to explore other carriers. 

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2 months ago

That’s how the program works.  The intention of the program from AT&T’s side is to keep you paying for their line and service for 36 months.  How people would like it to work isn’t how it works.  It’s clearly stated that the credits are paid out over the term of the installment, and that if you pay off the phone early, you may lose the credits.  If that doesn’t work for people, then don’t sign up.  If you want a 24 month installment, you can buy from Apple as their installments are only 2 years.  On the flip side, their trade in program doesn’t give as much as AT&T, but it is a lump sum payment.  Like in everything, there are trade offs.

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2 months ago

I agree, 36 months is too long. When AT&T subsidized phones, we had to sign two year contract. Now we are on the hook for three years. But AT&T doesn't force you to do it. It is up to you. You can buy the phone outright and sell your old phone on your own. You won't get a $1000 for it but you will be free to upgrade whenever you want. I, personally, do not buy from AT&T. I buy directly from Apple. This way phone is unlocked and I can do anything I want with it. If I want to change carriers, nothing is holding me.

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