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Tue, Aug 16, 2022 10:18 PM

Wish I hadn’t switched to at&t

Very dissatisfied customer. Recently was in hospital for a few weeks with heart issues. Was out of work those 3 weeks causeing me to mis 1 payment which wasn’t a huge deal they added it to my next bill not a problem to me thought that was cool. But next day phone service was interrupted. For $86 past due balance first I had to message because when they interrupt your service you can’t even call them. So I message back and forth for 1.5 hrs to finally be told they couldn’t do anything would have to contact collection’s. I responded collections for $86 bucks that’s only a couple days past due you gotta be kidding me. So finally I barrow a phone to call there collections department this took another 2 hours talking to multiple people who finally get me to a supervisor whom I explain my situation to and she says oh no problem reactivates my phone and sets arrangement up to pay it on my next bill this made me happy. Then she does tell me there may be a $40 reactivation fee on my next bill witch thought that was a bit high especially since was first time ever being late and givin the situation.  Either way she helped I was happy till not 40 hours later my service yet interrupted again. So I call takes another 3 hrs just to be told there’s nothing they can do till the $86 was paid. And at that point. They’ll be another activation fee because whom ever reactivated it shouldn’t have done it in first place so they also couldn’t get rid of this activation either. This is just absolutely ridiculous. No my phone is off till my first check from being back to work comes in and instead of one $40 fee there’s 2 and for $86 past due for a couple days is just obscene to me there absolutely not willing to work with people through this difficult time in life I don’t recommend to anyone.  So now my bill instead of $110 is that plus next months bill then 80 in activation fee. So that comes out to $300 before tax all for being in hospital for a couple weeks and then not willing to work with there customers. 


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We truly understand times are hard, ! We hope you're experiencing a healthy and safe recovery!

Furthermore, we understand that you're past due on your wireless bill. Payment arrangements are available to avoid service interruptions when you're unable to make a payment on your due date.

In the event that your service has been interrupted due to non-pay, and you're unable to make a payment, you will have to contact collections to seek an alternative method available to help you during hard times. They will be the highest escalation path for your circumstances.

At this time, you will need to pay off the past due balance on your account before your services can be restored, or your account will cancel and be turned over to a collections' agency. From there you will have to continue working with collections to pay off your account.

We apologize for the inconvenience this has brought you! We forwarded your feedback for review to help better our customers experiences and to find ways to improve in these areas.

We assure you we're here for your support & appreciate you for sharing with the AT&T Community!

Jonye, AT&T Community Specialist

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