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Sunday, December 4th, 2022 6:48 PM

Wireless Account

We used to be with TMobile...one day we went shopping at Sam's Club & were called over to an AT&T kiosk... The salesman talked us right into a new account with AT&T which supposedly included brand new cell phones for just a few dollars more a month than our TMobile account! Sure it sounded too good to be true but were reassured so of course we took the deal!. Long story short the sales rep TOTALLY gave us screwed up information! 1st off our service was very sketchy... many calls had bad coverage. We were told by customer service how to  change the towers to get better service! We should not have to do this type of stuff! We had no problems whatsoever with TMobile so this was very upsetting  & very time consuming! Also we were shocked when we got our bill showing no deal with AT&T! We were financing both phones! The bill was ridiculous compared to our TMobile bill! Obviously we called AT&T & spoke with customer service rep Stacey. We thought she was great and we dealt with her for a long time via texts & live phone calls. Stacey adjusted our bill &  advised what to do so the bill stays the same. We thought  everything was  worked out, NOT!!! Now we can't get ahold of Stacey! She helped for so long & one day she just stopped answering our messages! Idk if that's because she just became so frustrated by not being able any longer??!! But either way, to blow us off??!! SHOCKING! We NEED HELP! Probably a Supervisor with AT&T wireless... maybe even higher up customer service help??!!  Management? 

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2 years ago

We were told by customer service how to  change the towers to get better service!

LOL.  Yeah that's not a thing and that's not how service works. Not for any service provider. Your phone connects to the nearest available Tower to provide service. When you change your location by driving down the road you will connect to a different Tower automatically.

Also we were shocked when we got our bill showing no deal with AT&T! We were financing both phones!

Did Stacy explain to you that your phone deal works? 

Is part of the deal that you trade in your old phones?

Did you mail in your old phones to an address in Tennessee? 

    The trade-in deal requires that your phone be sent to HYLA Mobile in Tennessee.  It takes approximately 3 months for the credits against your phones to post on your bill with credits for the missing months in arrears.  You will always see the installment on your bill. When the credits begin you will see the credits offset the installment in part or in full. This is to fully account for how the deal works, which is just like it works on any other service provider. If you leave early the balance of the installment is charged and any remaining credits are void.   

FYI, the people at Sam's club, costco, and bj's, work for Smart Circle. They are not AT&T employees. Smart Circle is an authorized retailer that works out of those big box stores and rents the kiosk in the store. They can't offer you anything that isn't publicly offered on AT&T's website. The deals they offer are usually a deep discount on phones, and a switch credit which may be $250 per phone line. That credit either has to be claimed online, or is given as a $10 per month credit on your bill. If you are not seeing the Sam's Club credit on your bill go back to Sam's Club and ask them about it.


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