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Friday, July 4th, 2014 6:42 AM

why was my order cancelled due to being unable to verify my information?

went through with placing an order for a refurbished iphone 5. wanted to start a new plan. put in all required information and everything went through just fine! 5 mins later i get an email saying my information couldnt be verified and that my order was canceled?


HELP ME! why is this doing this online... i just want a phone plan and a phone and this is making things very difficult.



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9 years ago

what information needs to be verified?   Didn't they tell you?  

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9 years ago

Sometimes people's credit has indicator's of supicious activity, and I believe credit companies suggest additional information be verified when conducting business, to avoid identity fraud.


If you were to create an order over the phone, they would probably ask a series of questions pertaining debt, address etc.

Or, you may just go to a store to show ID, and that might be enough.

It's usually a sign you should check your credit for why such a thing might exist.


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