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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 2:12 AM


I orders 2 lines and the lady said it was gonna be $120 a month for both and I just got my fist bill and its $300, AT&T is charging me separately for both lines. I tried to talk to AT&T customer service about this but they say they don’t know why it’s doing that and did nothing to help. Safe to say I won’t be staying with AT&T for long. 

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4 months ago

This is a community forum which means it is largely customer populated. We aren't charging you anything.

Are you actually looking at a bill, or the customer service summary which is not accurate?   In fact it's completely wrong and useless.

Did you read the first bill?   AT&T bills are extremely detailed. Clicking on the plus sign expands each section so that you can read where every dime is accounted for.

Your first bill would have two 35 activation fees, a partial months service charges, a full month service charges.  And if you purchased phones, even if they are eligible for a promotion making them deep discounted or free, you are still going to see the installment posted every month and once all conditions are met you would get a credit against those installments.

The auto pay and paperless billing discount of $10 per line does not kick in until your first bill is paid with both autopay and paperless billing. So your charges per line will read $70 until that $10 discount kicks in.

Then of course your federal state and local government gets part, taxes 

If AT&T for whatever reason did not put both phone lines on the same account you will have to talk to AT&T to get that corrected.  

And of course make sure they put you on the right plan

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