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Saturday, September 16th, 2023 7:15 PM

What’s with the terrible customer service?

I tried to upgrade my iPhone XS to the iPhone 15 pro and did so smoothly over the app.  I was notified the next morning that the order was canceled due to security concerns?! It turns out they needed me to go into a store to confirm my id but never told me this.  
I go into the store and they tell me that they can do nothing and I have to call the support center. At this point I’m pretty disgusted by the whole process but I continue on because I don’t have much choice. 
After an hour I’m able to talk to someone on the phone who can do nothing except cancel my order. So they do that and then tell me I have to go back into a store!! Tired of getting the run around I keep the person on the phone and have them talk to the in store person. What a joke.

After all that the instore person finally says they can start the upgrade but only after they try to sell me on AT&T fiber. After rejecting their fiber offer, the guy tries selling me on an unlimited offer which again I reject.  This whole ordeal took hours.  I despise AT&T’s customer service (if you can even call it that), they only seek to pull scams on you for more money, pathetic. 

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3 months ago

A qualified unlimited plan is required for a trade in. 

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3 months ago

Don’t see anything about a trade in involved, so not sure if that’s an issue, and it certainly wouldn’t prevent someone from buying a phone.  Since the OP already has a iPhone XS, he obviously has a data plan.

@Samf48  Why not buy the phone elsewhere?  Have you tried buying the phone through Apple?  You can still finance through AT&T and get everything like you bought from AT&T, except the phone will be delivered by Apple instead of AT&T.  Or get a phone through Best Buy.

Can’t say that I understand why they keep asking people for their ID.  Could maybe see for new customers, but if you already have an account with AT&T, not sure why they’d ask again.  I’ve been with AT&T since they were Cingular, and have never been asked for ID.  Used to always upgrade my phones through AT&T also, but the last time I did that was three years ago.


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