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Tuesday, November 29th, 2022 1:52 AM

Very aggravated!!!

Almost 2 weeks ago I submitted my first "device unlock request" to you guys and the phone STILL hasn't been unlocked and I've heard NOTHING from AT&T at all. I'm trying to unlock my old phone, which has been paid off completely for months, so my granddaughter can use it with her service. I have called AT&T support several times, have been told a couple of cases were made about it. The first time, I was told, "Oh you don't have to do anything, the phone will just automatically be unlocked in 72 hours at the most" as if I'm going to believe the phone will just magically unlock -_- So, now, on top of aggravation, they're insulting my intelligence? Okay, AT&T, so, second time I called... The woman created a "case" on the issue... Well, 4 days goes by and NOTHING, no emails, no calls, even though the woman assured me you guys would call me back. So, third time's a charn, right? Wrong. I call a third time and this man tells me that the woman who created the case didn't even put any necessary info in said case and left out the make of the phone, IMEI number, i dont even think she put the account phone number (which I did tell her, I gave her all of the info on the phone and she was doing what? Not listening, I guess). I'm so aggravated, the third time I called was about a week ago and, go figure, haven't heard a thing and the phone is still network locked. I'm glad my granddaughter doesn't have AT&T because this is ridiculous and I'm about to switch carriers myself over this. This is just stupid! Your agents keep flat out lying to me, so I thought messaging would be more likely to be helpful and if not I'm done with AT&T! My granddaughter has been without a phone for 2 weeks because of this stupid crap and if I don't get this issue resolved REAL soon, I'm returning my new phone and switching. 

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1 year ago

Unlocking is done by going to the unlock portal not a single agent can’t unlock your phone. 

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1 year ago

To confirm, you submitted the "device unlock request" here: and meet all of the listed qualifications, correct? Did you get a confirmation email after your submitted? Have you tried submitting on the website again?

If that hasn't worked, file a BBB complaint which get routed to the Office of the President; someone there should be able to get this sorted out. 

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