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Tuesday, February 22nd, 2022 3:34 AM

Unethical and Deceptive Practices by ATT

Where do I start. So many deceptive practices by ATT in my short stay with them. Let's list down few:

ATT lured us into switching from T-mobile plan with a promise that we will get discount as long as anyone on the plan is a physician. Once contract started, the story changed to state that the account owner needs to be a physician. When we tried changing the account over to our physician family member, we were told about a waiting period and we were required to pay the higher bill before that.

When spoke to a supervisor, he mentioned that the person who gave us incorrect info doesn't work for ATT anymore. However, we still have to pay for reps mistake.

Opened a dispute with ATT legal team, never heard back and now in the process of starting arbitration.

We sent 2 tradeins to ATT and were promised $799 for each. We only got $700 each. When asked why, we were told it depends on phone condition. The irony is one of the tradein was brand new and was never used. When confronted ATT, they decided to give us $100 credit and also promised to follow-up on the other phone which was lightly used.

We never saw the other $100.

My 80 year old aunt is one of the user on the plan. We blocked international dialing from her account by using ATT app. We got a bill with $112 extra charged for 21 minutes of international call. When called ATT to explain, they said only thing they see on the account is international roaming turned on  and nothing blocked. How could that be, we are not sure. ATT would not reduce any of the charges.

Same aunt got a new phone and was not able to get used to it, we returned the phone back after few days and were charged a fees of $55 dollar.

Each of these issues will result in multiple multi hours calls where ATT reps will give us run around.

Ever since switched to ATT, whole family started getting random messages with links to click on and offering us "gifts" for paying our ATT bill. All scam messages.

After 5 months of pain and agony, we have decided to go back to t-mobile. We have lost our grandfathered t-mobile plan, paid excessive charges to ATT in these few months, gave ATT 2 phones (one brand new, never used), now will have to pay them $1,900 to get out of contract while they get to keep our 2 phones, have to pay arbitration fees with the hope that I will recoup some of the money and had to spend hours talking to reps who neither have any empathy nor respect for time.

Does anyone think we might have been taken for a ride here or am i over thinking? Wondering how many other innocent customers might have gone through the same or worst experience. 


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1 year ago

You're overthinking it. There's mixture of incorrect information (the physician doesn't have to be account holder), not knowing the promotions (how much the trade in promo is for), and things that aren't AT&T's fault whatsoever (your aunt making international calls and being charged a restocking fee). 

It seems like rather than losing the trade in promo, you could switch the account into the doctor's name and be right where you should have been from the first place rather, only losing 5 months of the medical professional's discount (but getting $100 credit due to the confusion of the trade in promo). 

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