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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 4:01 AM

Tried to add 2 lines to family account, created new account


I recently switched to AT&T and ported over 5 of my 7 lines from T-mobile. I just activated a couple of the new devices today and decided to port over my last two lines from T-mobile. I completed the process over the phone where the rep was able to pull up my account which showed 5 lines, however upon checking my confirmation email, it looks like it created a new account and my receipt shows the two lines are not getting any sort of family plan discount. Is this something that will eventually be fixed on its own with the two accounts being merged, or will I need to call and make that happen?

ACE - Sage


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2 months ago

It sounds like maybe they weren't added to your existing account. You should definitely contact AT&T or resolve in a store

Community Support


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2 months ago

Hello! We understand your situation, so let's get this checked.


We want to take a deeper look into this situation, so please look out for a DM notification from us. 


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