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Sun, May 8, 2022 8:58 PM

Transfer Billing Responsibility Problem

My employer put in a request to transfer billing responsibility of my phone line to me.  When I click the link to accept, I can either create a new account or use an existing account.

When I try to create an account, it goes through all the steps successfully until the last one when it supposedly checks my credit.  My credit scores are all around 750, so this shouldn't be an issue.  However, the result is, "We're sorry. Based on your credit check, we can't complete your transfer request. Please close your session now. (TBWLSB-118)".

Then my cousin let me try using his well established AT&T wireless account to accept billing responsibility, but when we log into his account as part of the process, it tells us, "You can't move your line from a new account number to an old account number."

This is maddening and I'm not sure what to do now.

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It turned out that the reason for the error was due to a past-due balance on my employer's AT&T account.  The only option for most people in this situation is to wait for the past due balance to be paid and then try again.

However, I eventually discovered that since I was an admin on the account with my own PIN number on the line I wanted to take over, I was able to call customer service and...trying to remember, I think I authorized the line to be ported out to another carrier.  I'm not sure exactly what was said in that conversation, but it definitely required me to be an admin on the AT&T account, have a PIN on my number, and my number had to be the one being authorized for porting out.

The next thing I did was call Verizon and request to port in the number.  That went very smoothly and I had my number moved over to Verizon after about 4 hours.  There was no indication that it had been completed.  My AT&T line was working like normal until I inserted the new Verizon sim card.

It took another 12 hours or so for everything to start working normally.  During that time, some incoming and outgoing calls / text messages failed, so it's probably best to do it at a time when having the line work properly isn't critical.

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Call at&t during business hours tomorrow 



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Any answer?  I ran into something similar, only I called CSR... 4 hrs later, they "say" my lines transferred, but it didn't.   Had this done 2Xs.  Still no transfer.  I gave up.

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