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Saturday, March 18th, 2023 10:51 PM


I have had no service for 4 days cause you guys screwed my account up importing buisness number. you have caused me to lay off 6 employees and you are putting my business in bad position. You guys have promised to call back in a hour, you havnt. been hung up on, over 16 hours on hold total. I spent 2500.00 on advertising this month. Its most important time of year in my business. PPl booking spring  services. I cant take a call. Im going to my attorneys office first thing Monday.

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9 months ago

First this is a customer populated forum not AT&T. Second read your terms of service you’re limited to binding arbitration. Third if you had to lay off 6 employees due to your cell phone service I doubt you have an attorney on retainer. 

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