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Thursday, November 19th, 2015 3:40 PM

Reward Card scam...Big surprise

I received a $200 reward card in-store for trading in my old iPhone for the new iPhone 6. Had no idea the card would expire because no one ever made me aware of that fact, so when it expired I called the number on the back of the card. 

After they finally agreed they would send me a new one with the lost funds, they told me it would be received in about 21 business days... That should have been weeks ago. At some point between the time they told me they would reissue the old card and when I actually should have received the new card, I misplaced the old card and cannot find it. So, of course, when I call the Rewards Center, they obviously have no record of my previous calls and cannot look up anything about my reissued card without the old card number. How is that even possible? I know they had to connect to my AT&T account because I told them to send the new card to the address on file.

If anyone has been able to resolve a similar issue, please advise. I'm at my wit's end and am about to cancel all of my services immediately.



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8 years ago

All the terms and conditions are available when you got the card. So you let it expire and then you loose it.  You can't provide them any info and thus want to cancel your service. 

I don't see any scam going on as you had the card and were responsible for it. 

ACE - Sage


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8 years ago

The expiration date is on the front of the card.




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8 years ago

I had a similar situation:


I called AT&T one day about my phone service, after completing that the rep. asked if I had Uverse and proceeded to fill me in on what they had. After being on the phone for about an hour listening to his pitch, I told him I would talk to my girlfriend and he could call me back the next day.


We decided to go with Uverse, we had Time Warner at the time, and when the rep called back I asked him to go over the offer again. He told me the package I wanted would cost me $125 a month including taxes, (which was $30 cheaper that Time Warner) and mentioned a $100 gift card. I told him I could go on line and get a $250 gift card for siging up on line. He put me on hold to talk to his supervisor and came back and said he would give me the $250. I wanted 3 boxes, 1 hard wired and 2 wireless, he told me he would make it where I would pay for 1 and get 2 free plus the $250 gift card and my bill would be $125 a month.


After I agreed he got his supervisor on the phone to verify everything. The supervisor repeated everything the other man said except he told me he would only give me a $200 gift card since i was getting 2 wireless boxes for free I said that would be fine.


Well, my first bill was $180 ($30 more than Time Warner) and when I went to claim my $200 gift card it was only $100. I called AT&T and told them about my conversation and they told me it was impossible to give me the service for the quoted price or the $200 gift card. I called them on 3 or 4 different occasions (probably like 5 or 6) trying to get them to review the phone call I had with the rep to see exactly what I was offered. One rep told me he would open a "case" and gave me a case number and told me someone would contact me within 72 hours. 4 days later I called with the case number and there was no such case filed!


So, needless to say I only got $100 gift card and my bill is 15 or $20 more than my bill with TW.

How a company can lie just to get your business is beyond my thinking. As soon as I get my phone paid off I am finished with this company! They are deceivers!!

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