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Saturday, September 4th, 2021 4:01 PM

No Service in Fort Wayne, IN

No service from AT&T even drawing one of the local news attention:

Checked the "Service Outage info" page and got this message:

Your AT&T Wireless service status:
Heads up! We found a wireless outage in your area.
Looks like there is a network issue in this area that may affect your mobile service quality. We expect things to be back to normal by 09/08/2021. Have access to a Wi-Fi connection? You can try Wi-Fi calling if you have a capable device.
5 days (it's been going on since last night - 9/3) to fix the issue???  Really?  Right through the Labor Day weekend?  Tried "chatting" from the account page ... that was a joke... it was an automated reply that kept looping back to the Service Outage info page.  And... since I have no service... I CAN'T CALL.  LOL
What a joke.  Is it time to switch carriers?

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2 years ago

It sounds like it’s not just AT&T having issues, according to the article. It stinks that it’s taking so long to fix, but keep in mind there was a major hurricane that just ripped across much of the country, so there are probably a lot of issues around the country to fix. 

There’s not point in trying to call or chat. All you can really do is switch or just wait until you get service back and then request a billing adjustment for the days you didn’t have service. 

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