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Monday, July 30th, 2018 4:17 AM

Military Deployment Suspension

I originally called AT&T on June 20 2018 to suspend my account. I was told the suspension would go into affect at the end of the billing cycle. I left, and couldn't use my phone service for the entire of month of July but I was still billed for the month of July as well. Why was I still billed for the month of July, even though I called before to have it suspended and I couldn't even use my service? 

ACE - Sage


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5 years ago


You do not suspend for deployment.  Military cancelation hold your plan and number.  You can also request an unlock for your phone.  

Suspension does not eliminate charges, it just shuts off service!/wireless/KM1046235


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5 years ago

If all you did was to call and suspend, you did not do the military cancellation. You need to go through the military cancellation process described in the above link.

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