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Friday, September 15th, 2023 2:44 PM

Issue when I returned the iPhone 13

I returned the brand new iPhone 13 my tracking number 9202390100796403761401 USPS on November 17th 2022 I thought everything was ok until the last Tuesday I was checking my app I saw this IPhone in my account yet and I was paying all this time. So I called AT&T and I talked with Sochi (agent) and she talked me the IPhone was broken and they have the pictures I said that’s not true so she opened a case for me #0001584862 so next day I got a message from AT&T that my case was closed so I called AT&T again and I talked with the supervisor Liz Julio the worst supervisor and she talked me that my case was closed was closed cuz I sent the iPhone 7 and was broken I said what r u talking about how I can sent the iPhone 7 instead that iPhone 13 she said well we got the pictures and she can’t help me more I requested the investigation still continue and she said not the need to go to the AT&T office so I asked for the address and she said she doesn’t get the address and I said u r the supervisor is supposed u know so she told me that I’ve to go to the AT&T store and ask them OMG she played me cuz I drove to Woodbridge Center and I talked with the supervisor and he told me AT&T don’t have any office and also they can’t help me so this kind guy told me to call loyalty department I was so (Edited per community guidelines) off about this supervisor LIZ JULIO.

I called to the loyalty department and I talked with supervisor Yuderlin and she told me the same that I sent the iPhone 7 broken instead the iPhone 13 and now she talked me something new  that late also I said it’s not true so I said I will called back cuz I need to find my tracking number Thanks God I found it. So I called again AT&T again and requested to talked with supervisor Yuderlin but she was busy so they gonna transfer me with another supervisor I said ok but they were busy also so the agent told me the supervisor gonna call back after 3 hours and nobody called me I called again and I talked with supervisor Jorge and he said the case is close already and nothing else he can’t do it I said I sent the right iPhone and at the right time so he checked the tracking number and he said that and I did the right thing and how is possible the tracking showed the package was pick up by the agent ( it’s different carrier how pick up the returns not the USPS ) and never show delivery so I went to the post office and there told me they talked me the post office don’t delivery any returns. So explain everything and my question is how AT&T show the package was delivery November 30th and the tracking number never move. Finally the supervisor give me $600 in credit the cover the iPhone 13 and have $20 in credit but I paid 10 months $20.28 every month so I lost some money anyway for something that wasn’t my fault and asking to the supervisor Jorge about that AT&T get any office and he told not and he doesn’t know why the WORST SUPERVISOR LIZ JULIO talked me something like that I said I wanna reported her and oh course he said don’t worry he gonna scaleted oh course he never gonna do it so if somebody know what I need to do it plz let me know. When I was talking with Liz Julio I said I know this call is recording and u r the worst supervisor and don’t help me at all and the survey I gonna with one star and she said ok not problem even I didn’t know that she was playing to sent me AT&T store for nothing.

My name Rosa Achamizo  loyal AT&T customer since 2016 when AT&T was Cingular and I was treat like piece of garbage 😡😡

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3 months ago

This would have been a lot easier to fix in March when the credits should have started. (Edit: My bad, I assumed you were doing a trade in. Upon a second reading you might have been returning a phone you purchased, in which case this would have been A LOT easier to fix in December when the first installment showed up.)

First, take a screenshot of the tracking, just in case the information is deleted soon (I'm surprised it's still there).

Then, file a BBB complaint. Just mention that the promotional credits didn't start even though the phone was returned. Your other complaints will just muddy the waters. Someone from AT&T corporate will contact you and they should be able to get to the bottom of this or even just apply the promotion without figuring out the issue.


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3 months ago

You should be reading your bill every month and therefore should have noticed this way back in December of 2022

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