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Need help understanding your bill?
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Friday, June 2nd, 2023 4:13 PM

incorrect information given

I went into our local AT&T store for an issue I had with my volume.  I told the store rep I needed a less expensive plan than what I currently have.  On my current plan, I have listed myself along with my two sons'. I recently retired and cannot afford the monthly charges any longer. My boys said they would get their own plan if AT&T could set me up with something more affordable for myself. The day I was in the store, I was told by the rep, my bill could be reduced, by going to settings and turning Hotspot on. No other explanation was given, felt like I was rushed so they could get to the next customer. I called AT&T yesterday. I was on the phone for a total of 2 hours. I explained the above situation and also explained, since my in-store visit, I went online to my account, I noticed I now have 4 lines, two different lines with my name with 2 different phone numbers!  The payment due went up, way over the usual amount. The rep I was speaking to said she would transfer me to the Loyalty department so they could cancel the more expensive of the two lines. Before that happens, the phone went blank, I had to call back. I asked to speak to the Loyalty department. After explaining my issues to him, he stated, they are not correct in what they are telling you. Not only did they add more lines without my permission, but did not deduct $20 off my bill, nor give me the other discounts I should have been receiving all along. I am sick and tired of calling AT&T. I either get hung up on or given incorrect information. I told them to put my "AUTO PAY" on pause until this issue is resolved.  The first rep told me AFTER I pay the amount on the statement, then they will start taking deductions off.  I am not liable for adding more lines which increased my bill, that lays on the Rep who was responsible. I need some answers and explanations from an honest AT&T employee.  My next call is to the Supervisor, which I'm sure will just be a representative. If so, I will go up the chain until I find someone who has the knowledge and actually knows their job duties. Another issue I found out from the Loyalty Department; AT&T has also charged me for a "Land Line", which I don't even have!!!!

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4 months ago

Okay I'm going to make this really simple. Don't talk to a salesman whose job it is to sell you more stuff in order to increase his personal income.

What you do is you get on and you look at the plans which are available. You can switch to any plan that AT&T advertises and the price that is listed online that's the price you get. There is no special deals on prices for any of the service providers they all advertise both postpaid and prepaid.  

In your case the cheapest plan available would be the $30 prepaid plan.  It's basic.  Your phone has to be paid off.  And you would have to switch from AT&T postpaid AT&T prepaid in a corporate store.

I suspect the story of the business with was an authorized retailer and it would say so somewhere on the front of the store. Don't go there. 

As for your situation, your phone would work on any AT&T service provider including consumer Cellular and cricket.

You will need your AT&T account number and dial *port for your Port pin. You need this information as well as your phone number to move your phone number to a different service provider. The port pin is only good for 4 days. Your final bill is not prorated.

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4 months ago

Maybe a nit-picky point, but Consumer Cellular isn't strictly a an "AT&T service provider." It only uses AT&T's network (no longer T-Mobile from what I've read) and AT&T locked phone should work, but the company itself is independent of AT&T, meaning AT&T has no control of employees, plans, etc.

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