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Sunday, May 21st, 2023 5:28 AM

How do you Blacklist stolen phones with ATT

I had 12 devices ordered on my account which i didnt  order back in March of this year,after numerous claims with ATT fraud dept i finally talked with the fraud dept. I explained my issue to them and after hanging up it wasnt 75 seconds and i received a email stating i caused the issue by talking to the scammer online and caving into their demands. This scammer has got my SSAN and now im dealing with identity fraud. I want to blacklist all these phones as after 90 days a suspened line can be reactivated. Any help will be appreciated

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4 months ago

You don't have any information to blacklist the phones, And I would imagine AT&T has already done so on their own behalf.

Are you still being charged for 12 phones you don't have? Have you filed a police report for identity theft?

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4 months ago

Hey rayallover1. That's not the experience we want you to have.


As @formerlyknownas stated, please file a police report. You can find similar instructions under More steps to take in case of identity theft when you visit Report fraud.


Also, see the details under Report identify theft. Here, contact any of the three major credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit file.


Defending against identity theft is important. The steps above will help you protect yourself. 


Thank you for reaching out to the AT&T Community Forums.


Devin, AT&T Community Specialist

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