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Monday, December 31st, 2018 6:11 PM

Hidden fees

I want to switchi to T-Mobile but wondering what hidden fees ATT will slap on during the buy out.  

ACE - Expert


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5 years ago

@LooperRufus Your last month will not be prorated (none of the big 4 carriers prorate last month of cellular).

I've never seen anyone complain about any "fees", just costs they've agreed to.


Keep in mind you may have just started a new billing period, so you may have a bill processing or due soon (for last billing period), but you're also going to owe for the current period (so don't be surprised with the current (final) bill comes.


If you have any tablets, hotspots or wearables (or anything else not a phone), it's YOUR job to cancel them if T-Mo doesn't PORT the numbers over (they won't). Companies only seem to port over numbers that people reach you on.


You owe what you owe for any devices, likely Next payments  (or if you still have a contract, you'll have early termination fees).



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