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Monday, November 21st, 2022 7:38 AM

Flip 4 I've been scammed

So I have been a Samsung customer for over a decade..   however I feel as I have been scammed both by att and Samsung.   I've had the flip 4 for one month and the screen has already broken..  not too mention it's crucial my phone be able to handle multiple task at a time.   This phone is a gimmick..  worse is I switched carriers and now I'm stuck with a toy phone that's gonna break every month..   how can I fix this

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4 months ago


If you have insurance, use it. Once the phone is replaced, pay it off  and trade it in on a new phone. 

If you don't have insurance, you can either try to get it fixed with warranty, but I suspect Samsung won't take it.

   Pay to have it fixed if it's not too expensive.   

   Or you can just deep six the lemon and buy something else. As long as you don't upgrade your line you will continue to get credits which will make the broken phone free. 

AT&T sold the phone just like any other retailer. They (retailers) are not responsible for it being a gimmick, or for you being unhappy with the quality of the phone.

If you did not buy insurance, that was foolish. This idea screamed "warranty" from the first model 4 years ago.  The concept is not durable. 

You have a one year warranty which you can do directly with Samsung. It is a Samsung product not an AT&T product.

In my opinion a folding phone is a flawed idea from the start. Any solid that folds, will crease (ugly) and also cracks.

That's why I didn't buy one. 


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4 months ago

The phone must be bad if @formerlyknownas is recommending insurance! :-)

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4 months ago


LOL... actually my first recommendation would be don't buy a phone when there is a significant design flaw.  

There isn't any statistics available to us customers that shows the rate of warranty claims or phone failure based on model. But I would imagine that the flip and the fold have a higher rate of failure and warranty claims related directly to the folding screen. 

   I do know that Samsung has a one-time extended warranty to replace the screen protector or the screen on the flip and the fold.  Nice of them.  But it does indicate to the consumer that there is a problem and that replacement may be necessary.

     My father was a mechanical engineer and if there's one thing he taught us is that moving parts will break or fail.  

Not AT&T's problem. AT&T and other service providers have contracts with these manufacturers to sell their products. If AT&T decided this particular phone was a flawed design and they weren't going to sell it, they would lose customers to other service providers who did agree to sell it. That would have been a bad business decision. Especially because AT&T is not responsible financially or ethically if these devices are indeed faulty. That is going to fall to warranty and insurance to fix it not AT&T.

Samsung went out on a limb with folding phones. They were trying to beat the competition. They are on the 4th iteration of these two designs.  I thought the surface Duo was probably the correct way of making a folding phone, but it's not as pretty. And apparently it wasn't very reliable either. You can still pick up one for less than half price.  

I turned away for from Samsung for several years the note 10+ brought me back.  I have downsized to the s22, and will probably buy an s23.  

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