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Monday, March 20th, 2023 5:17 PM

FirstNet - What You NEED TO KNOW

​​AT&T FirstNet - the network dedicated for first responders​​

​​If you are a first responder and haven’t seen FirstNet, I suggest checking it out.​​
​​While all major carriers claim to offer a First Responder offering, only AT&T offers FirstNet which is not only a discounted plan, it has tremendous technical enhancements.​​

​​After 9/11, the US realized that communication was a major barrier between first responders on that horrid day, and the government started FirstNet, a wireless network which will always be available and carry priority over other standard consumer’s wireless activities.​​
​​At a certain point, they tapped AT&T to run the FirstNet program for them, signing a 25 year contract with them.​​

​​The FirstNet program uses Unlimited Data will NEVER be throttled. It also is always given immediate priority on the network should there be congestion. Furthermore, in the event of a catastrophic disaster (god forbid), even if everyone’s wireless connections are down, FirstNet will be up.​​
​​No, I don’t work for AT&T or FirstNet. I am a firefighter and was an early adopter of FirstNet. But I only learned this past week that even if you’re on the program, if you’re not utilizing a FirstNet SIM card or eSim, you won’t benefit from these technical advantages. I’m disappointed that AT&T’s phone staff wasn’t better prepared or educated about this, and I figured it out myself by chance. ​​

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2 months ago

When they first started this it was a mess now its more like it should be.  But I agree in the beginning ATT reps had no clue what they were selling.

And for those who wish to know this is how firstnet works.

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