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Wednesday, May 31st, 2023 1:37 PM

Employee Recognition

Yesterday was a horror - from approximately 10:30 AM until literally 9 PM - I was on the phone and in retail service centers with more than a dozen different customer service representatives and store employees from both T-Mobile (the carrier I was leaving) and ATT (the carrier I was transferring to.)  The problem involved porting over - I was told repeatedly "I never saw that happen before" in reference to my issue of only being able to make outgoing calls and text, but not receive incoming.  That was usually accompanied by speculation about what could possibly be the issue and more phone calls to more service people (many not based in the US, which often made communication difficult), which resulted in no solution and mounting frustration on my part.

But ONE customer service representative went above and beyond to make sure that there was a satisfactory outcome.  Kashai, from the Loyalty department at ATT.  Not only did he stay with me through a 50 minute call with a tech from TMobile explain(?) that I had to shut off my ATT account and that she would text me a transfer pin (Just a REMINDER - My problem was that I was not able to RECEIVE texts (or calls)). But even after I did that (and then had NO ability to communicate) and went to a TMobile retail store to have them verify my account and get the pin and then went to an ATT retail store, where they restored my ability to make outgoing calls, the incoming still was not working and the computer and the Port  department technician whom we called all said that the Port was fine - despite reality to the contrary.  I was truly at my breaking point when Kashai reached out to check that everything had worked out.  He then got another Port department technician to process the transfer and Lo and Behold - my phone works!  

I cannot thank him enough.  My level of frustration had reached a point where it was actually unhealthy.  Kashai was professional, patient and empathetic. I hope that there is some way to reward that sort of employee.  You have a gem there.  I am NEVER, EVER as long as I live going to switch carriers.  

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4 months ago

Hello @Urban_Mom, we are happy to hear that our agent Kashai was able to help turn your experience around and get your phone working.


We will be more than happy to submit feedback to show them your appreciation. 


Let's meet in a private DM to help process this for you. You will find a chat icon next to a bell icon at the top of the page on the right-hand side.


We look forward to speaking with you soon.


Diajhanae, AT&T Community Forums

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