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Tuesday, May 5th, 2020 3:26 PM

Easement Release in Lago Vista, TX

I would like to combine two adjacent lots in Lago Vista, TX, and I need to get the AT&T Easement released. Will you send me the contact information for someone who can help me please?
thank you

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4 years ago

the original owner of the property or house agreed to allow if for a 1 time payment and it stays for life until at&t abandons the easement regardless if it changes ownership, they essentially own that little peice of land which usually includes a 6 foot perimeter around the equipment, its also agreed that at no time can they be denied access to equipment nor a reasonable path to reach the equipment without requiring notice, these easements are backed by leasement laws, you would have better luck getting out of a timeshare than getting out of an easment



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Texas has it's own way of doing things on easements. Search for release of easement for your location.

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