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Friday, September 15th, 2023 7:17 PM

Early upgrade trade INS marked as damaged and charged remaining balance on both phones

My wife traded in a galaxy z fold 3 at the store and it was perfect condition. The store didn't have the phone she wanted in stock and shipped it to our home the next day. We followed instructions for shipping and returned relabeled box to USPS to ship back to att. A couple weeks later I opted to early upgrade as well but I did mine on line since I already knew they wouldn't have the phone in stock. I received new phone and loaded my iPhone 13 promax into box with a minor crack on camera lens. This billing cycle my bill is 1054$ over our normal bill. Customer service stated we are being charged for damaged devices. After HOURS on phone and multiple trips to the store we were pretty much told it had to be paid. DO NOT DO TRADES THROUGH MAIL. I paid the phones off and asked if they would ship them to me since I had to pay for them. They told me there was no way for them to do that. Total scam man

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3 months ago

Well I can't comment much on your wife's trade in because you made no real note on its condition other than *perfect*.  AT&T should have provided you with some sort of indication is to how the phone was damaged. It may be anything from a dead pixel, to a crease or crack developing in the screen. Folding phones, not a good idea.  

If you don't receive any response as to why they marked your wife's phone as damaged, you can certainly file a better business bureau complaint or talk to the loyalty department and request more information. 

I received new phone and loaded my iPhone 13 promax into box with a minor crack on camera lens.

   Well you acknowledge the damage on this one, and it does mean that the next up early upgrade is void. You should have had the phone repaired before returning it to AT&T.

    Anytime you do an early upgrade, you must return the device in pristine condition and full functional, factory reset with any user locks removed.

    A cracked camera lens means they rightly charged you the remaining cost of the phone.  You should not have returned a damaged phone to AT&T during the early upgrade process.

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