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Friday, September 15th, 2023 2:20 PM

Cellphone and customer service

At&t is bullcrap. I've been having trouble with my barely year old phone Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. My phone decides its not going to have any cell service so I call into customer service. I get transfered 3 times all for someone to tell me that they'll call me back in 24-48hrs....on a phone that can't receive or make phone calls. So, I decided to go to the at&t store. They were great, they helped me and I got a new SIM phone started working immediately after. Not even a month goes by and my phone does the same thing...I go to the store again and they can't do anything because there is a "fraud" alert on my account. My husband calls in to get thr alert taken off...we are told is was good to go...but at the store we are told it's still on there. Then we proceed to get the runaround for over an hour. Customer service and the fraud department gave us and the AT&T salesman the runaround  and refused to resolve the situation. I got my phone to work again but here we are, not even a week later and my phone is broke again and says I'm not on a registered network but in order to get a new phone they want me to pay 275$ for a replacement even tho I'm not the one who broke the phone, it's at&t's system and no one at the company will help us. And a little added husband literally works for AT&T. 

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3 months ago

Have no idea what the fraud nonsense was about. But it seems unlikely but it's related to the problems you're having with the phone.

Just to start off this conversation, the phone is not an AT&T product. It is a product of Samsung and in this case Samsung has produced a product which is often claimed to be defective. 

And specifically the S22 ultra

At least weekly I see complaints not just here on the AT&T forum but on many other types of forums that the S22 ultra is not working. The 'not working' complaints range from completely dead in the water, turned off won't turn power on. Or just disconnected from the network and no amount of reconnection attepts works. Not a replacement sim, not switching service to the embedded SIM card. Just won't connect.  Or Wi-Fi calling won't function, voicemail won't function etc.

It is not a problem only on ATT Samsung s22 ultra, and therefore not an AT&T problem. It is a fault with the phone.   

You can try first having Samsung repair the phone.  If you are out of warranty Samsung may insist that you pay for repair. But if this is in fact a fault in the device manufacturing, Samsung should replace or repair the phone for free.  Good luck with that 

    There are more complaints about this particular Samsung model than there have been since the Note 7 caught on fire.  

Samsung does not send you a replacement so you will need to have a spare phone to use until Samsung can ship your phone back to you.

By the way you will find people threatening a certain type of legal action which were not allowed to post that word here, against Samsung on Samsung's own community,  because of this particular $1,200+ phone that fails to work suddenly.   They do not seem to be significant complaints about the regular S22, which I own or the S22 Plus.

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3 months ago

Yes there's a problem with the problem is that at&t customer service and fraud department don't want to even try to talk to me or figure out the issue. I've tried multiple times to call in and talk to someone to only be repeatedly put on hold and no one come back on the line or I get hung up on. The customer service is crap. I'm over at&t, I'm switching service providers where my bill with brand new phones will be cheaper than it is here at at&t with an employee "discount". Thanks for the reply tho. I just will not be dealing At&t or Samsung any longer. 

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