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Wednesday, September 27th, 2023 6:15 PM

cancel service

Sign up for premiun plan with 2 lines. Told that I could use second line for internet only,to watch tv,stream sports,basically do anything and would have unlimited excess and no problems. Work great for about 2-3days, started slowing down, very slow uploading going off and on, also had to purchase att router purchased it at whalmart, told it would be cheaper. Problem 1.

phone that you pay by the month a54=14 something like that, got it at att store with service, basically same thing, work great for 2-3 days woke up 3ard day all my programing was gone and loaded its own programing completly screwing me up, got most of it back, took all day, woke up next day did same thing, 1st time samsung programing,2nd time att programing or vise versa. delete my yahoo email account miss all calls that day because it switch to sleeping program trying to force apps on me interupting service with pop ups tring to get me tpo download threre service, wouldn t do it so it did it again while i was asleep. Had enough took phone back and tryed to cancel servicewas lyed to about internet, that was the lonly thing i really wanted but to make it work had to get phone planunlimited premium plan with 2 line, also added maintance, told tim i didn't want and trade for up grade i told thbem i didn't want. its been 13 days can i get out of this without paying anything, because if i cant its going to mess up my credit, because (Edited per community guidelines) will freezse over before i give them 1 penny

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2 months ago

If it's the phone you're having a problem with, go ahead and return it.

If it's day 13, you have one more day to return everything with all packaging boxes wraps etc exactly as you got it, or they won't take it back.

You will be charged to restock fee of $55 per device.  Usually the $55 is deducted from the sales tax refund which on an a54 is going to be less than the restock fee

I would suggest that you read what you've purchased, and it's clear that you did not.

You can purchase two phone lines on the premium plan but the premium consumer plan is only unlimited on the phone.  You cannot use a dedicated hotspot device and data via tethered access is capped at 50 GB on the premium plan

Getting two phone lines means you have 100 GB of tethering access from the phones 50 GBs on each line.

There is no consumer postpaid unlimited plan for a dedicated hotspot device.

The only way to get a "internet-only" line with a hotspot device, is to Open a business account or be eligible for FirstNet


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